About us

PHS stands for Pressen (presses), Hydraulik (hydraulics), Schmiedetechnik (forging technology) – showing directly where we are the experts! To offer you the best and most uncomplicated service, we bundle our competences into the two divisions of PHS-TECH (for mechanical presses), which now has its headquarters in Dortmund, and PHA-TECH (for hydraulic presses), which is based in Waghäusel. Both branches of the company are united under the umbrella of the PHS Group!

Founded in 2010 as a pure service company, the PHS GROUP has since developed into a global player in the field of forming technology, and renowned companies from the automotive and supplier industry are among its customers. By founding PHA-Tech in 2016, we have positioned ourselves even more broadly through the area of hydraulics and underpinned our reputation as an all-rounder.

The unique combination of the specialist areas of PHS-TECH and PHA-TECH with highly qualified engineers, specialised technicians and experienced fitters enables us to carry out even the most complex tasks. Our team meets your requests reliably, sustainably and with the highest quality - because your maximum satisfaction is our minimum requirement. Anything less is not good enough for us!


PHS-TECH – from Dortmund around the world

We keep machines and the economy running - not only in the region, but worldwide! As an internationally active company with comprehensive know-how in the field of forming technology, we are the number-one contact for numerous companies from the automotive, pharmaceutical or electrical sectors when it comes to consulting, engineering, maintenance, repair, (partial) modernisation or retrofitting of mechanical presses. No matter whether the project is large or small and irrespective of the manufacturer: We ensure top-level productivity and high economic efficiency!


PHA-TECH - Expertise in Waghäusel

The maintenance, repair and modernisation of hydraulic presses is a real "home game" for us: Our team has spent a large part of its career with a leading manufacturer of hydraulic presses in Waghäusel, Baden-Württemberg, where PHA-TECH is still based today. This is one of the reasons why our expertise and experience in the field of hydraulic and electric retrofits, fineblanking presses and drawing cushions is in global demand today!